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Bundle (Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian)

O 2.8.2c, K 1.3.1c, T 1.6.1c

Latest Release By: MORIA

Installing the STEAM Folder (Sound Banks/Libraries)

  1. Paste the following command into a terminal
    open ~/Library/Application\ Support/Spectrasonics

  2. A Finder window should open. If there is no STEAM folder there, create one.

  3. Download the torrent file, and select the checkboxes for the STEAM folders u wish to download.

  4. Open the downloaded image (or all three) and copy everything to the created STEAM folder.

  5. Open Omnisphere/Trilian/Keyscape and specify the path to the STEAM folder.

  6. Restart Omnisphere/Trilian/Keyscape.

  • You can place the libraries in another location/drive by creating a shortcut to the STEAM folder.