RC-20 Retro Color

XLN Audio


    Step 1: Run the installer (Setup RC-20 Retro Color v1.2.6.2.exe)

    Step 2: Block access to following URLs

    Step 2.1: Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

    Step 2.2: Find and open the file called hosts

    Step 2.3: Add the following lines to the end of the file:

    Step 2.4: If you cannot save the file, go to it's properties > details > click edit > click USERS and allow Full Control

    Step 3: Go to C:\ProgramData\XLN Audio\RC-20 Retro Color\App

    Step 3.1: Copy "FXFX0003" and "Sound Data" folders, and paste them into the RC-20 Retro Color\App folder that you downloaded (replace)

    Step 3.2: Run RC20_Library_Placer.exe

    NOTE: You can move the downloaded RC-20 Retro Color to wherever you like but only before running the Library Placer, afterwards the folder cannot be moved

    Step 4: If neccessary, use the KeyGen to activate RC-20 Retro Color